Case Study 3:

Impilo Yethu – Monthly Comic Booklet and brochure

( South Africa )


For the past five years, Jincom has produced the Impilo Yethu series for Murray & Roberts. Impilo Yethu is a monthly HSE comic series distributed with payslips to all staff at all levels – over 20,000 staff.

The series is adapted for their Mining, Construction and Fabrication environments and is translated into 5 languages. The stories are used as materials for toolbox talks.

Comprehension of the content is tested and rewarded through an SMS question and answer competition. All entries are databased and HSE-related SMSes are sent to all staff each month.


Monthly 2-page narrative comic stories
Quarterly 8-page booklets
Monthly key message posters
SMS comprehension competitions
Safety message send-outs



Distribution and Roll-out

Comics are distributed to the various sites and stapled to employees’ payslips. They are also distributed electronically with payslips and put on Murray & Roberts’ intranet. Posters and comics are also put up on site and used in toolbox talk briefings. Jincom manages all elements of the project from creative to printing and distribution of the products onto the payslip of each staff member.


Murray and Roberts have reported their lowest LTIFR (Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate) in their history.
“I have received fantastic feedback from our board members, MDs, HSE execs and staff on the positive impact that Impilo Yethu has had on our people and our organisation.”
Eduard Jardim – Group Communications Executive,
Murray & Roberts