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22 August 2016 Comic Contracts

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One of our recent projects has been getting a lot of attention in the press recently. Cape Town lawyer Robert de Rooy approached us to help him develop the first Comic Contract. The project involved turning an ordinary citrus picker’s contract (with all its jargon, terms and conditions) into an entirely visual contract using illustrations that anyone can understand.

The project came from a realisation that most low-skilled workers in industries such as manufacturing, agriculture and mining find text contracts difficult to understand and this can lead to misunderstanding and conflict down the line. As De Rooy says: “The purpose of a Comic Contract is to empower the parties to understand each other, to understand what they expect from each other, and what they are committing to”.

The Comic Contract was presented at the International Contract Simplification Conference in Switzerland in March to much acclaim and it has been rolled out to around 200 fruit pickers by Indigo Fruit Growers, part of ANB investments. The feedback was very positive from all involved.

Independent legal reviews of the contract have confirmed that the contract is legal and binding and conforms to all requirements of labour legislation in South Africa. The plan is to extend Comic Contracts into other industries, including domestic, wine, mining, construction etc.

If you’re interested in something similar, contact us and we can discuss how we can help your business.

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