Our services include but are not limited to the following:
Empower the frontline

We create content that ensures frontline supervisors and management understand and are able to communicate key information to their workforce. Our most effective tool here is the two page comic story with a supporting Key Message Poster for use in toolbox talks and to support discussions. These are translated into workforce languages and dialects. Supervisors and line managers no longer need to read from text-heavy manuals and documents.

Simplified technical standards booklets

We simplify content typically written by engineers and technical staff into A5 booklets where the text is reduced and supported by illustrations. A typical 100 page standard on Electrical Safety can be reduced to a user-friendly 24 page booklet. This ensures that across organisations there is one standard document that can be understood by all levels of the workforce. These booklets are translated into local languages.

Change management

Change management activations don’t often include frontline managers, supervisors and workers. Jincom creates content and engagement programmes to ensure that changes in a business or in processes are understood and adopted all the way through an organisation. Here we typically create toolkits that include road maps, explainer animations and content that supports engagement and interaction throughout the organisation.

Incident reporting/Incident recreation
Clients give us sight of incident alerts and investigations and we create simplified content that aims to recreate the incident and the lessons learned from it in order to prevent reoccurrences. This is done through 3D animation, illustrated toolbox talks, and 2 page comic stories.  Within a week of an incident, Jincom can create visual incident reports that can be distributed throughout your organisation in any language.
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HR/Financial/Corporate communications
Most HR/Financial or corporate communications content is written for mid to high level staff. Jincom simplifies this content so it is easy for all workforce members to understand and apply.
Projects can include:

  • Simplifed wage agreements
  • Employee share participation schemes
  • Simplified annual/sustainability reporting
  • Community outreach campaigns (on topics such as financial literacy, road safety etc.)


Health communications
Jincom produces visual guides and animations to simplify complex medical content and corporate health policies and campaigns. Our work includes areas such as Silicosis, TB, HIV/Aids, Noise Induced Hearing Loss, fatigue management, common infectious diseases and targeted interventions e.g. MERS, Ebola, Cholera etc.